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Four generations of the Maki family have provided Cape Cod with cemetery contracting services since 1928. Maki Monument Co. was started in 1982 by Frank and Susan Maki.

Our family has always prided ourselves on being sensitive to the needs of families looking for the right way to remember a loved one. Personal attention is always given. We would be happy to work with you, taking the time to guide toward a design that is both perfect for your family and fitting the memory of your loved one.

We have been helping families for many years and decided to offer a website for our customer's convenience. We work hard to try to make this process pleasant, easy and meaningful for our customers.

Maki Monument Co. designs and creates an array of custom monuments, slant markers, flush markers, benches, bronze plaques, boulders and lettering.

Maki Monument Co History

Around  1905, my grandfather, Andrew Maki, came to the United States from Finland to settle in West Barnstable. HeAndrew Maki was just 17 years old. Lots of Finnish people were settling in West Barnstable at that time, and to this day, West Barnstable is also know as Finn Town.

As a teenager, my grandfather was a laborer. He worked for the Makepeace family on their cranberry bogs. He also earned money clamming on the flats in Barnstable Village.

In 1911, he married a Finnish girl named Mary Elizabeth Syriala. They bought a house and a barn on Route 6A in West Barnstable.

In 1928, Andrew began doing work for the Town of Barnstable, digging graves by hand and making burial vaults. This was a very labor-intensive job.  But it was also year-round work, and he was glad to have it. My grandfather and a small crew worked out of his barn making the burial vaults. To mix the cement, they would carry water in buckets from a small swamp to the barn.

Meanwhile, Andrew and Mary were raising a family. As a young boy, my father, Frank A. Maki, Sr. spent a lot of time Frank Andrew Maki Srwatching and helping his dad. Following in his dad’s footsteps, he joined the family business, and together, he and his father worked providing cemetery services throughout Cape Cod.  My father eventually became the superintendent of the Barnstable Cemeteries, a position he held for many years before retiring at age 77.

Like my father, I grew up wanting to be a part of the family business. I began to expand the business in 1973, purchasing our first dump truck, and a tractor to dig the graves.

Today, we have three locations in Massachusetts—we’re located in Oxford, Taunton, and Mashpee. We still dig graves on Cape Cod, but we also serve a much larger area now than we did when I was growing up.

When I was 21, I married a local Finnish girl named Susan Ann Wiinikainen. Susan has helped me get the businesses to where they are today. My dad and I always thought that someone in the family should sell monuments, since we worked in all the cemeteries and we had become so familiar with all the different types. Susan started that business, Maki Monument Company, more than 25 years ago now. (Susan says, “It took a Wiinikainen to do it!”)

Susan started the company by seeing customers in our home office in West Barnstable. We had three young children at the time, and so we soon decided to move to a better work location down the street, on Route 6A, where we are still located today.

Today, Maki Monument Company, Inc. remains a family owned and operated business. Our children have always Frank And Susan Makiworked in our business. My daughter, Kimberli, guides families who are choosing their memorial for a loved one with sensitivity and care. Our son Christopher works with me to set the gravestones.

At Maki Monument, we pride ourselves on being a family run and operated business for four generations. It is our dedication to providing excellent customer service, together with our compassion, and our commitment to offering the highest quality products, that has allowed us to become one of the leading companies in this industry in Massachusetts.

We appreciate your interest in our company, and we hope that we can assist you in creating a loving memorial.

- Frank Andrew Maki Jr.


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